09 June 2009

Track changes

For editing purposes, one's own revising and working with outside editors at journals, newspapers and book publishers, marking and tracking suggested changes is vital. While it is the practice of many to do some form of editing and proofing of the manuscript, it's really simple to use the "track changes" function in MS Word. You need to have the "track changes" function on. I already described how to go into the [Tools] dropdown menu. "Accept or Reject changes" is the feature in "track changes" to do just what it says. Please use it or print out a hard copy of manuscript. "Replace" is a great feature. So is "delete." Both work in Word and WordPerfect, even in InDesign. I absolutely dislike not having a hard copy to work from, to compare layout to, especially when you've used not-my-computer-here to fake the poems and the pages to look somewhat like how you want the published poems to appear. Prob is that we have different computers, different default printers, likely different fonts. Whenever I open a text file here they adjust to my computer system and they do not, cannot appear exactly as what you see/saw on screen---that's what a hard copy manuscript is so vitally important when also sending a digital manuscript. Please use a dictionary not just computer-based spellcheckers. Most publishers will gladly share their prefered dictionarys and style guides. My prefered dictionary is the Oxford Canadian. I do not like seeing fake page headers instead of using that easy function within WordPerfect, auto page numbering too. I can see the where and why of the left side "garbage and tabs and hard centering problems. In WordPerfect press the [F3] key to reveal the hidden coding. Far too many lines don't have a Hard Return or Line Break at their end--just a string of spaces until the words wrap onto the next line (when all you needed to do was hit [enter] for a hard return. Page breaks are an equally simple [Ctrl][Enter]. Heaters and Footers are found in the Insert drop-down menu. Page numbers are in the Format / Page / dropdown menu.
Centering is [Ctrl][E].

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