24 June 2009

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 23 June 2009

Show started with a live interview with photographer Brian Atkinson discussing his new book Miramichi: River of Character (Goose Lane Editions & MC2 Marketing Inc) by Brian Atkinson with text by Joanne Cadogan, and their book launch in Fredericton at 5:30 pm, Thursday, 25 June 2009, at Westminster Books, 445 King Street.

Show continued with a tribute to Vancouver poet Gerry Gilbert who passed away on, I believe, 19 June 2009. I have one recording of his (wth musical accompaniment by Glenda Higgins), from March 1998. Gilbert's cassette liner notesPoems broadcast were: "More Clerks than Customers", "Lake Laughter", "Spoken Dance", & "Songs of a City Imp".

Fredericton arts news.

"Do you have anything a little less totalitarian?" by Vincent Tinguely.

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