02 April 2008

"Shelving! Home!"

The near bare basement when I saw it last Wednesday afternoon. A counter from the ex-Underground Cafe there and not much else except dust.

I tried to borrow shelving, bottles, and stuff to dress the set but got nowhere on such short notice to set dec a story that had been Jes' to do (and she had much of the key props at her place but was out of town) so I emptied all of my homemade pine plank shelving to build a 1968 wine cellar/restaurant basement set.

Cat helped dress it with stuff from the other "UN Rest" set of February.

Young Julia (Melanie Leblanc) and Malvecchio (Wally MacKinnon) on set on Saturday.

Sat- Sun- and Tuesday I stripped the sat, then with the help of Lefty/Young Jimmy (Josh Linton), I got the shelves and stuff home.

T: The Fiddlehead
loc: humpdayafternoon
temp: 3 C
sound: Led Zeppelin II

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