15 April 2008

Ashes, Paper & Beans 15 april 2008

Before the QWERTY folk showed up I spun a mix of mostly new, recent or newsworthy Canadian poet spoken work pieces:
"He Sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head
"Elvis has left the Building" and "Old Man of the Sea" by Gerard Beirne (the incoming Writer-in-Residence @ UNB)
"Play" by Kevin Matthews (the new Exec. Director of the NCRA)
"No Showcase Up Here" by Ivan E. Coyote
"The Mine is Closed" song by Ray Spoon
"Song of Freedom" by J. Nichole Noël

Pat Leech, Carson Butts. photo by Joe BladesPat Leech and Carson Butts, both editors for QWERTY magazine, were in the fishbowl for the second half of the show for an interview and readings of their own writings and pieces by other writers published in the latest issue of Qwerty. Show ended with "The Piano has been Drinking (but not Me)" by Tom Waits.

shirt: burgundy dress shirt
loc: sorefeetputup
temp: 6 C
sound: The Pixies Death to the Pixies

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