12 February 2007

ransack holiday

road trip fighter practice weekend
matrix loaded with armour for three
bound for some unknown monkeyton
after lowliest deputy's two sorties
successfully recover troll box
and more for shire and exchequer
lord isard and olaf vinalf
with lady muirghean hewitt—
first mate of the roisin dubh
merchant/mercenary household
—after olaf and muirghean
fought in the keep of mcasphalt
after a generous meal of ham and spuds
l'le penguin red wine and black forest cake
with genuine sour magyar cherries
we crossed the disputed border bridge
from shire to barony such that vasárnap
morning found me on the frozen windswept
shore of its canton of ynys y gwaed
one can't block quote absent text
one can't fight a active marshall
olaf inaction sitting wallflower
watching a bout with pole arm
and great sword in the great hall
before attempting to defend
a drawn circle and dying
sunset aglows waterside viring tanks
as we traverse near empty streets
from closed door to closed door
until welcomed in gahan house
a table in the darkened backroom
brewery under the floorboards
table covered with samples of the best
of the house set afore me—six on tap
from sir john a' honey wheat ale (pssst . . .
he's the shaded man on the 100 rave bill)
island amber red and iron horse dark
to sydney street stout rewarding a pint
before a milky way night road to rann
shirt: Pennsic XXXII
loc: rann
tepm: -4 C
sound: Must I Paint You A Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg CD2

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