14 February 2007


© Joe Blades 2007

curious juxtaposition seen elsewhere
as celebration of multiculturalism
the plurality of the peoples human
not one alone inert as argon gas
thicker than nothing but doing nothing

i am not we the people but one
with the words to more than one story
song poem telling the thought lived
life or the imagined or the lost
brought back noble or craven

bankrupt spirit has fallen so far
backwards behind the hope of last
st valentine’s day and the challenge
bardic of courtly love for lady fair
as far afar as here is from there

if only one thing ever happened
life would be impossible not story
now composed told forgotten or
remembered but altered in retelling
and the winds blow cold arctic air

cardinal so red with blue jay feeding
atop hard snow so far from its norm
can’t get there from here in storm
brewed on jet stream south and west
head held in hands with eyes closed

T-shirt: New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-op
loc: Frednochocolates
temp: -9 C
sound: Gamble Rogers with Will McLean, "Orange Blossom Special"

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