04 April 2006

Fredericton Book Launch

Going Down Goose Lane Toward Broken Jaw:
Fredericton poems and stories

by Wayne Ray
Harmonia Press
ISBN 0-9688885-9-3

Wayne Ray will be featured at the odd sundays at molly's poetry reading series. Third Sunday, 23 April 2006 [WORLD BOOK DAY], 2 pm, Molly's Coffee House, 554 Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Wayne Ray grew up on the East Coast in the '50s and '60s and spent some time in the Fredericton area in the late '70s. He returned to Fredericton to work at Canada Post in 2002 & 2003. He runs HMS Press and is one of the founders (1985) of the Canadian Poetry Association. This 100+ page book is the collection of all the poetry and short stories he wrote, as well as poetry written for him, while he was living on George Street, Fredericton. It is published by Harmonia Press of London, Ontario and can be ordered from the CPA Bookstore.

"In the moving from one place to another, even if the transfer is only temporary, there is a fusion of the new and the old, the present and the past, and there is a distancing and a drawing closer. Wayne Ray, in his poetry and prose on a journey to Fredericton, New Brunswick in 2002 has created in his portrayed encounters on the road and in this new city a melancholy, yet hopeful feeling of distancing and connecting, and a sense of individuals searching and being in two places at once. The effects are subtle and lyrical giving the collection a variety of perspectives that are entertaining and thoughtful."
—David Fraser, British Columbia

"Wayne has a wonderful gift for the vignette . . . an unusual storytelling technique remarkable for its conciseness and exotic in its themes."
[Giants of the North (Third Eye, 1992)]
—Rosemary Aubert, Toronto

"[Wayne's] writing brings so many elements into work and none obscure the meaning, this is fresh, moving, alive work."
[Giants of the North (Third Eye, 1992)]
—Ken Faloon, Halifax

2 pm, April 23rd, for odd sundays at molly's, Fredericton's longest-running, semi-monthly poetry reading series. Come for an afternoon engaged in the literary arts. Info: acalvern@nbnet.nb.ca or 506-459-1436; Bruce Allen Lynch, 506-454 9222.


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