04 April 2006

APB 4 April 2005

All day lugging boxes, trying to empty my stuff from the storage cage in the basement of the building on Argyle St. Still stuff there. I ran out of time. The apartment 's hall and rooms are mountained with cartons. Almost nowhere to turn, to move, and it must stay this way. Tomorrow I fly away . . .

Kept the show simple: Lisa Moore's short story "The Way the Light Is" read by the author. From Merrybegot by Mary Dalton (read by Anita Best) (Rattling Books) a mess of poems: After All That, Bachelor Brothers, Berry Pails, Bridesboys, Brin, Bull Arm Money, Burn 1, Burn 2, Burn 3, Clutch, Conkerbells, The Cross-Handed Bed, Cullage, Devil-Ma-Click, Devil's Fashion, The Doctor, Down the Bay, Elt, Fairy-Struck, Federal, First Boat, Flirrup, Gal, If Whiskers Was Wisdom, Jallneying, Jesus and His Gashes.

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