07 February 2012

staircase poem 3

sunlight streams in
though clouds and tall windows
bare tree branches with exposed
squirrel nests far from ground
i see myself reflected
in window in plexiglas cube
in the black of my blog page
with poet vest above my head
and an unseen headache
pinching above my eyes
woke in panic today
don't know why—am
the human behind this poem
here by chance or by
appointment like thursday
afternoon's doc seminar
(faculty of education
doctor of philosophy
students) presentation
after hoot & peep performance
in owl's nest windowbox
saw a fly—fruitfly-sized—
caught in the wet blue
paint covering "let's
talk science" on my
prop or hero's brain
for that performance

1 comment:

Matt D said...

Reading your poem
on the big screen
that makes it long and narrow
so I wonder about its style
and headaches unseen
along with so much more.