09 February 2012

blue brains 1

am now in an insanely cold window box
owl's nest bookstore 390 queen street
frederiction new brunswick

semi-academic or pseudo-academic
in red longjohns multiple fleece
vests without any sheep harmed

journalism johns just wave at me
as they slowly drive queen street
cruising for performance artists


to keep writing & keep warm
where warm isn't possible
hunter waiting for game

like a duck-blind joe
one in a white labcoat
making field notes

flip chart art & markers
vienna sausages in window
i am not a sex artist


or am i? what am i?
not a trophy wife
cabin boy or temple virgin

foole for word association
as my fingers numb like a
guitar busker in winter

a streetworker wearing
almost nothing—to be seen
& hired like a day labourer


not for love but illusion
or relief or something else
risk repulsion attraction

those tighty-whiteys
joe fresh style frais
underwear on or a canvas

an image or story everywhere
no sex workers have i seen
so far today (that i know of)


but who is a sex worker
in this call centre province?
who has not sold of themselves?

not just work for money
but illusions of love or comfort
for shelter and sustenance

to run from abuse or neglect
into exploitation of self
and/or control by ______


and me a bluenoser
with cold blue fingers
exposing blue brains

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