20 February 2012

staircase poem 12

poemcicles hang on wall
unlike icicles growing
from the roof edge

makar at work
yes—makar—not maker
old scots for poet
& author as skilled worker
in the wordsmithy

red ukulele & drum kit
walked upstairs to auditorium
white curtains on stage
performance on wednesday
pistols and petticoats: shadows
of sarah emma edmonds

collectively written &
acted play about a new
brunswick woman who
disguised herself to fight
in the american revolution/
war of independence
—time to dec the set &
rehearse rehearse rehearse
on the production stage

made & mailed a postcard
of ceci n'est pas un panneau
to goop in ottawa
before going to post office
found a goop postcard from hélèn
waiting there: my surprise!

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