11 February 2012

blue brains 2

blue brains
blue boy
blue jewels
blue heart
blue moon
blue valentine
blue blood
blue sky
blue jeans
blue movies
blue funk
blue room
blue tooth
blue streak


action painting
street walkers
window watchers
observation post
academic researcher
cultural anthropologist
sexual sociologist
work ethnographer
lived experience practitioner
panopticon camera obscura
professor peeping tom
neighbourhood spy
academic busybody
non-innocent observer


binoculars out the window
pen is in hand on journal page
(again) i am a fieldnote
paintbrush dipped in water & paint
streched canvas primed & posed
i am a case study qualitative
qualified certifiable lettered
symbolized ethics problematised
active academic action activist


blue brains underwear
canvas is done made
blue sparkle ornament
& tin of vienna sausages

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