18 April 2010

ce blogpost 6: tour of Maramures region.

Last Saturday, 10 April, a number of the conference participants took a guided tour of the Maramures region of northern Romania.

First stop was one of several World Heritage Site visits, the wooden church in Surdesti built in 1721. This pic of the carved oak gate.

Inside Surdesti, still actively in use (the priest was in prayer when we arrived) with the tour guide. Claims to be the tallest old wooden structure in the world.

At a family waterwheel operation with grist mill, sawmill, brandy still and more ... all powered by, or using the mountain stream.

The matriarch gifting shorts of plum brandy.

View of grounds of the newly build Manastirea Barsana, home to 14 nuns. The priest lives in the town in the valley.

A mix of resident and visiting nuns and clergy.

Joe at Barsana.

Having lunch in Casa Irea de Calinesti, Sighet.

Inside the political prison museum in Sighet (20 km from the then Soviet border).

Prisoner clothes and chains, shackles.

Prisoner interrogation box photographed through the slot in the door.

Poetry in the prison display.

Sculpture in the garden featuring John the Baptist. Janet, Oana, John & museum guide in background.

Moving picture of the Ukraine, across the same river Tisa that I know a long way from there in Senta, Srbjia. I hadn't imagined even seeing the Ukraine, or Russian-gauge railway tracks, on this trip.

... fast shep ...

The tour in "Merry" Cemetery, Sapanta, RO.

Tomb of the creator of the "Merry" Cemetery, Stan Ioan Patras.

The wooden church in Desesti.

Inside the Desesti church, painted in 1780 by Radu Munteanu and his assistant Gheorghe.

The artist's signature in the flames of hell.

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