18 April 2010

ce blogpost 5: 4th Unconventional Conference

4ième Conférence internationale nonconventionnelle des jeunes canadianistes
4th International Unconventional Conference of Young Canadianists
North University of Baia Mare, Romania

Le Canada métafictionnel / Metafictional Canada
8-10 avril / April 2010

Opening addresses / Ouverture. Conference Hall, Petre Dulfu Library. (L-R)
Ana Olos, Professor PhD. Coordinator of the Canadian Studies Programme in English, North University.
Petre Dunca, Professor PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Letters, North University / Professeur dr. Doyen de la Faculté des lettres, Université du Nord.
His Excellency / Son excellence Philippe Beaulne, Ambassador of Canada / L’Ambassadeur du Canada, Bucharest.
Dana Puiu, Associate professor PhD. Maitre de conférences dr. Coordonnatrice du Programme d’études canadiennes en français. Université du Nord.
Rodica Ţurcanu, Professor PhD Scientific Secretary of the Faculty of Letters, North University.

Présentation de l’anthologie Le Veilleur sans sommeil. Récital poétique Jacques Rancourt avec Crina Bud et Joe Blades (reading translations into English by John F. Deane from The Distribution of Bodies (Dublin, Dedalus Press, 1995).

Joe Blades and Ana Olos in conversation.

Reception Curtea Veche Restaurant started with a trad welcome of breaking bread, dipping it in salt, eating it, and drinking a shot of plum horina.

Crina Bud and waitress having a 21st century technology moment.

Horea Nascu, University of Nord Romania: "Romanian Roots: Irving Layton"

Michelle Gadpaille, University of Maribor, Slovenia: "Ming, Tang, Mustang, Meaning: A Kroetschian Poetics"

Brendan Edwards, Janet Peterson and Cristina Georgiana Voicu in the Canadian Studies Centre in Baia Mare.

Book about a Canadian very active in Romania during WWI.

Janet Peterson in the painting studio of a Fine Arts student at North University.

Stephen Tower (1446), Baia Mare.

Old men, elders, sculpture outside the Maramures Prefectures and County Council building.

A conference participant posed for a photo in the park being taken by a participant other than me.

Ex-[communist government] Casa de cultura now home of Anthos Night Club.

Spectacle alternatif: Le Visiteur…Canadien de l’air.

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