25 August 2007

Studio Watch: Musgrave

Early this year the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton put out a call for submissions from eligible New Brunswick artists for its StudioWatch: Emerging Artist Series.

Bernard Riordon, of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, visited studios and saw artworks. He's since made his decision. The exhibition series, sponsored by Greenarm, will feature this years chosen artist at New Brunswick Museum in Saint John from September 9 to November 30, 2007 with an opening from 4-6 pm on Saturday, 8 Sept.

I've bitten my tongue for a few weeks but now am pleased to say that this year's chosen artist is Deanna Musgrave, from Sackville and a graduate of Mt Allison University, currently living and studying in Fredericton. Congratulations!

Back in, I think June, I first visited Deanna Musgrave's studio during a sort of fringy, unofficial timing that coincided with one of the city's organized fourth Thursday of the summer months Culture Crawls. Deanna said the studio wasn't as it usually looked because things had been rearranged for a studio visit by Bernard Riordon. It was days before the fantastic Paint the Town Red painting project organized by Gallery Connexion, and in the early days on my current exploded journal:
"Deanna's acrylic on stretched canvas paintings are generally large, hypnotic, contemplative meditations richly coloured in their depth, highlights and layers obscured. Classical music and Oriental art, especially Japanese sumi-e brush techniques for cherry blossoms, writing words, et cetera, are employed to create the foundation for each work. They require watching time to reveal what they contain . . . rippled reflections reminiscent of Monet's palette of sky, clouds, trees, plants . . . leafy fronds, shadowplay, and camouflage leading to illusions of stained glass-flavoured imagery or the currents and eddies of passage through insoluble liquids . . . Her paintings are magical, questing puzzles."

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