04 October 2011

Casemates Exhibition 2011

@ Fredericton City Hall, Queen Street, corner of York. Opening is 5–6:30 pm, Wednesday, 5 October 2011. Exhibition runs 5 October to 30 November.

I don't know who has artwork in the exhibition but the artists in this year's Summer 2011 Artists in Residence were: Joanne Barfitt, Rita Sassani, Kristyn Cooper, Rachel Anne MacGillivray, Liz Demerson, Joe Blades, Deanna Musgrave, Sarah Petite, Oliver Flecknell, Meghan Billings, Derek Davidson, Andrew Miller, Brigitte Clavette, Leigh Merritt, Ian LeTourneau, Ruby Allan, Kristianne LeBreton, Jasmine Cull, Cris Colwell, Jeff Crawford, Stephanie Wierathmuller, David Brewer, Jana Reid, Marilyn Mazerolle, Katherine Moller, Danielle Lee, and Migueline Izaguirre.

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