30 October 2011

on the trail

What is the story of this car in Marysville long over the bank between rail/trail and river?

just off canada street
a painted black pumpkin
i could dress one
with my broken jaw
and paint its skull
this hazed sun afternoon
before a night promise
of latvian vodka and wine
of nor’easter rain’n’snow
a bad rod stewart recreation
dried grasses hardly rustle
as people bicycle past
counting or marking today
as one of the good ones
birds crickets and dogs
the whine of a tablesaw
from across nashwaak river
people—both men and women—
walking with canes in use
no broadway stage show
“puttin’ on the ritz” ’round here
is cheeze or something else
say house-blend herring
eaten for a light snack
absense of a person felt
qu’est-ce que future?
balcony railing très froid
sky more solidly grey
with thickening overcast
eat pizza made in allegmagne
as paint dries on my pumpkin
eyes nose and jaw carved

River view below the bridge in Marysville. A photo I took yesterday at a trailside park bench illustrating I like biking, sitting, photographing, and writing (t)here.

An example of a practice I do not like or agree with:
Out of respect for the land—and this trail is also parkland—the City of Fredericton must come up with a healthier and safer way to trim and remove trees, weeds and bushes encroaching the trail. Many people walk and cycle these trails to see and enjoy some of Fredericton's natual beauty. Many people walk their dogs along the trails. Tree mowers leave an unsightly, violent looking and feeling bed of shredded stumps dangerous to fall on or to attempt walk through. Sure, it would be more work and need more workers than one person sitting in a machine to cleanly stump or remove these trees but the trail parklands are not a highway or clearcut. They should be tended with aesthetic consideration and respect for the people who use the trails—residents and visitors alike.

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Anonymous said...

Floyd did that, there use to be a refridgerator, freezer and stove.. definitely an improvement of what was...