28 September 2011

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 28 Sept 2011

bill bissett: pushing th wheel.
Hamish MacDonald: An Ode to Ccommemorate the First Robbie Burns School.
Al Purdy: At the Quinte Hotel. Homemade Beer.
Liz Niven: Wick & other poems.
Meryn Cadell: Spelling Bee. The Sweater. Job Application.

Fredericton writing & arts news.

Utah Phillips: Sedition. General, Your Tank.
Sekou Sundiata: longstoryshort.
Steve Sauve: clarion call (the geek poem).


Johane said...

Sorry I missed the show... Looks like it would have been interesting.

Johane said...

I'm sorry I missed the show tonight. It seems to have been interesting...