13 November 2009

Madawaska Weavers scarf

Sometimes gifts come from unexpected quarters for unexpected reasons—a blog post, for example . . .

In January 2007 I wrote about a bag full of handmade ties, mostly Madawaska Weavers’ ties, that I’d been given: brokenjoe.blogspot.com/2007/01/one-for-weavers.html. The ties, all nicely dry cleaned after the smoke, expecially, from the April apartment building fire, were returned to me on hangers with plastic bags overtop (along with almost all my other clothes, and a $1600 bill to come out of the insurance claim).

Late last month that Jan ’07 blog post received a comment about a Madawaska Weavers wool scarf (pictured above) that a woman had. She wondered if I would be interested in giving it a good home?

In my post office box’s bundle of oversized mail this week was a bubble envelope from Connecticut. Inside it was this beautiful, dark blue scarf with colour detailing at each end, about 22" x 76" in size, in excellent condition.

Wow! Thank you, Jessie! Your gifting is amazing. Thank you so much.

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