29 November 2009

NB Author Portal coming soon

I spent a large part of today thinking about and answering interview and essay questions for a New Brunswick Authors Portal being created by the New Brunswick Public Library Service.

Apparently, I have been chosen somehow to be one of the inaugural one hundred to populate this forthcoming portal designed “to promote New Brunswick authors and literature and enhance the visibility of New Brunswick literary works available in public libraries throughout the province.”

There is much I do not know about this project so I do wonder how they are going to accurately compile all the other author and publishing information desired to make it happen. Maybe, later, there will be more questions, more requests for biographical and bibliographic information.

I have given them the information and images (author photo and most recent book’s cover) that they requested.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for writing about the project - I am excited for you and all of the participating authors to see it (a few months yet!)

All of the authors were approached in the same way (in terms of compiling information - basically I'm typing what I've received into a database), and the positive response has been overwhelming and satisfying all at once.

The project has evolved a lot since the first ideas were bandied about back in May, and if the portal is well received chances are good that it will evolve further in the coming months; we may well end up coming back to authors for more information and/or targeting new authors for future growth.

For now I am just hopeful that when the project goes live, readers will be exposed to new authors, learn more about known authors, and find all of your interviews as interesting as I have these past months. New Brunswick's literary heritage is so rich and deserves to be exposed.

Thank you once again for participating.

Kandise (NB Author Portal Coordinator)