08 October 2009

Joe Blades & “crow” @ MCAF

Group Poem for a Barry Colpitts Folk Art Crow

Love could be transferred by black crow feet too.
Every morning a crow sings on a tree
Grow give me hope
Sky is unlimited. I’d like to fly as crow
There is something above sky
This is my dream
Owls are traditionally thought to be wise.
Baby, don’t worry, I can feed you now.
Crow—flapping—cawing—mouth & eyes wide
Why is crow looking down instead of looking up: sky is overhead?
An alone crow flies. His tears drop in the sky.
This is a bird who lives everywhere because crows fight
with everything and won for life and this an example for us.
Crow is avarice       I want to sail like crow       I just want to survive myself.

—Written 7 October 2009 during a Random Acts of Poetry presentation by Joe Blades at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton’s Level 3B English Second Language class by Sungoh Jang, Feridoon Farahi, Dac Phong Le, Yohwan Cheon, Sonia Kyunghee Kim, Iran Jahansouz, Marinela Dragos, Sungbum Lee, Manisha Varma, Ke Zhang, Peggy MacIntosh (ESL instructor) and Joe Blades.

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