31 October 2009

Inauguración oficial de la Biblioteca

Thursday evening, 29 Oct 2009, was the Inauguración oficial de la Biblioteca, housed in Carleton Hall Rm 303, on the UNB-Fredericton Campus.
The Biblioteca/library of the Capítulo de Fredericton de la Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía has been given shelves in the Culture and Language Studies Seminar Room.
I arrived late, as things were winding down, without camera because I'd just been in 2h 50 min class further up the hill. Had a glass of wine and a biscuit. Went back yesterday and took a few photos of the Inauguracíon's Exposición de Poemas Póster.

Nela had drawn in poems from other chapters of the AIP and poets in Montevideo, Madrid, Washington, Montréal, Barcelona and elsewhere.

The Inauguración oficial de la Biblioteca started with a session of the NB Latino Association's book club. Other people, especially Carlos Morales, have photographed the event the the people in attendance for the Capítulo's documentation.

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