18 September 2009

soundcheck bonus!

so there was i

funked in the rain
original p on the stage
doing their soundcheck
adding 60 to a drum
while saxophone blew

outside between showers
thick drizzle while i
in yellow security coat to
stop & direct backstage traffic
have coffee & water paula
red apple & chicken baguette

i'm bending stiff muscles
legs hips & shoulders
moving to the music
bass thick & rich

when i'm asked
by a festival someone
if i'm attending tonight
i said i'm off at six
& don't have tickets

but am i interested
he asks & i said yes but . . .
he runs off to a car
returns with ticket in hand

said he's workin' it
& didn't have family or
friends who could attend

so here i am
in the blues tent
ross neilson & the
sufferin' bastards on stage

the night young & a
clutch of purple beer
tokens in my pocket

i work the lot (again)
in the morning but
tonight i'm funkin'
inside this new tent

& life is good

t: smooth rock falls
loc: harvest jazz & blues festival blues tent
temp: 13 c
sound: moreland & arbukle ("all the way from kansas!")

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