26 July 2008

Scotch Music

Two hours tonight of me spinning CDs and playing tapes for Highland Radio on CHSR 97.9 FM. Yeah. It went by so fast. I know I could have done more hours (& I will!) I'm the on-air host on the games site [51 Woodstock Rd, Fredericton, NB] as of 9 am tomorrow, Sunday, 27 July. What I played tonight is listed below. It's a real lively great mix (if I say so myself) of trad and non-trad Scotish and Celtic music, plus some Celtic-inspired folk or folk-rock and poetry.

"Scotch Music" Howie MacDonald
"Tandoori Mustache" Taxi Chain
"James Brown Ate My Bagpipe" Taxi Chain
"Road Rage" Tartan Amoebas
"New Pipe Order" Tartan Amoebas
"Weddings, Wakes & Funerals" The Rankins
"Stepdance Medley" Buddy MacMaster
"Sunburn" Gordie Sampson
"Speed the Plough" Horselips
"Signal Hill" Damhait Doyle
"The Old Sod" Spirit of the West
"An Ode" (poem) Hamish MacDonald
"Sandra: In all innocence" (poem) Janet Paisley
"Flick it up and Catch it" Jim Sutherland
"The Pipe Tunes" Shooglenifty
"Horo Ghoid Thu Nigeau (Stepping Song)" Mary Jane Lamond
"Bog Down In the Valleyo" Othodox Celts
"All For Me Grog" Othodox Celts
"Space Ceilidh" Nathalie MacMaster
"Northwest Passage" Stan Rogers
4/4 Marches: "Scotland the Brave", "Rowan Tree", "Wings" Heatherbell Girls Pipes & Drums
"Fairy (including Tullochgorum)" Ashley MacIssac
"North" Afrocelt Sound System
"Treasure of the Heart" Solstice
"The Celts" Enya
"Crantara" MacKeel

T: Highland Radio 2005 / Radio Chieftain
loc: homegame
temp: 18 C
sound: The Best of Blondie

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