24 July 2008

found one!

afterwards, i spent longer walking about downtown looking for one of the posters . . . not that i want to trade landtoads . . . [sorry, oh, noble toads of the east, i don't mean to slight you, so maybe i should say, "sandturds"] but i was looking for some of the other somewhat catchy marketing campaign's info. So: 1 plunger = $100 [off a year's rent. WAhOOOO!!!]; 50 = a month's rent [what's that? $12-15 per plunger (smells like and evangelical sandturd w/ baptism by . . . )]; but 500 of these fetish objects = a year's rent [dog love the compartment!] as if anyone (singular or collective) so actually find that meny of this plungers in fredtown . . .

a few week back . . . in the same spot [beside the recyclable plastic bag bins outside the stuporstore and anbl express] i found a pet rock by, or named, "billy bob". i took it too. was it a set up, a test, a trap . . . ? i doubt it . . . if only i could find one of guy's "peanut butter cookies" [too late] or meredith's "pinkies". meet billy bob:

loc: postbikeride
temp: 24 C feeli' 34 C
sound: Elvis Costello Cruel Smile's "Almost Blue"


Dan F said...

It that a real promotion?

Joe Blades said...

if the poster is to be believed, it's true.