01 July 2008

odd stuff

A real sign found loose, no longer posted, in one of the schools used to film DTTW II this past weekend. I'm afraid it says more about the elementary school's (lack of adequate) facilities than it does about the boys attending the school. Minds me of the saying in my hotel room in the Battery, in St John's, Nfld. the previous weekend.

Every room had a Newfoundland place name on the door and a Newfoundland saying on a wall with one of these large maps. Very colourful and fun; educational for peeps not exposed to Newfoundland before.

How's this one? The roadside sign for the section of the roadside motel snoring I was put up on Friday night in Saint John, NB during filming of DTTW II.

A posey of four- and five-leaf clovers found on the montel's lawn after I'd picked and eaten wild strawberries also found there.

loc: MAPP catch-up
temp: 28 C
sound: Elvis Costello Cruel Smile

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