27 March 2008

Vote for the BARRY AWARDS 2008!

Hooray, it's that time of year again.
It's Time For The BARRY AWARDS!
It's time for CHSR 97.9 FM fans to have their voices heard.

You can now vote for your favourite shows on CHSR and the winners will gain a highly-coveted Barry Award.

There are four categories you can vote in:
1. Favourite Host
2. Favourite Music show
3. Favourite Spoken Word show (at least 80% spoken word)
4. Favourite Cultural show (either music or spoken word)

Please vote only once per category. Don't destroy democracy.

You can vote by:
1. Phone: call feedback line at 453-4985 and leave message
2. Email: chsr@unb.ca
3. Ballot box: located at the station in the SUB

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