18 March 2008

Ashes, Paper & Beans, 18 March 2008

Non sequiture:
I didn’t get home to rest, or change clothes, eat or anything between work and a skeleton Art Department crew meeting with an employee of Executive Council wearing a different hat at the house on Scully to be location for the “Hide & Seek” story segment of the Diplomatic Relations film flashback scenes to be shot this Good Friday and Easter weekend Saturday. The famed Biff of biffmitchell.com cooked chicken pieces for supper. He called me on my secret cellphone as I was entering Head Hall en route to CHSR, starved, with a teabag in a cup in the bottom of my daypack waiting for hot water to be boiled in the kettle atop the counter top microwave at the station in the SUB. Today is my youngest sister’s 44th birthday.

Ashes, Paper & Beans started with the "Somewhere Suite" by Jack Gabel off his sent-to-me CD Dog Star.

Then the notorious cyberpunk Biff Mitchell of the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang roared into the station to talk potato: Potatoes and poetry slams. Pesticides and Robbie Burns. Presentations and film. Small press fairs and “reading raids” [right: Biff at the mic, 15 March 2008]. Maritime Writers Workshop and Read-a-Thons.

As some point, because there was BTMG quorum present, I read my recent poem:
school-free storm day

wednesday grey haze
ice pellets afternoon
day into something
else near springtime
farmers’ leaping clocks
but this is still winter
and i’m so thankful
to once again not be
on the icy trans canada
deadmundston to bagville
rear wheels spinning
near-empty cargo van
near-weightless artworks
strapped to the curved walls
or lying in movers’ blankets
and a real piece of work
gripping the steering wheel
with memories of being
upside down in a ditch
of snow across the road
on a downhill curve
whiteout outside st leonard
en route to the nord shore
and never making it
and never a word of concern
for my health or a possible
rescheduled school visit
nothing     nothing     nothing
i retreated downriver/homeward
Biff read his "The Road to the End of the World". We talked events happening soon. I then read my NB & PEI report for the League's March newsletter. How things change in two weeks!

Expect more BlackTop MotorCycle Gang members on APB next Tuesday!

T: CHSR Highland Radio 2002
loc: onmylongweekendnow
temp: 0° C
sound: NOFX Wolves in Wolves' Clothing

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