23 March 2008

Found photo du jour

Photo found 9 am, ADT, Friday, 21 March 2008, face up, on the floor of room "D", Apartment 2, 623 Scully Street, Fredericton, NB, while doing last minute on-site furniture moves from set to off-set for shoot day 10/13 of Diplomatic Relations.

An apartment that hadn't been lived in for several years and when last used had been more like a rooming house with letters stuck on the doors of bedrooms each with an ancient bed and a student/work desk. I'd been in and out of that top floor room repeatedly hauling furniture, drapes, my hand truck and various tubs and containers of set dressing. I'm thinking the photo must have fallen out of a crack in one of the supposedly empty desks or tables; a postage stamp-sized photo print stuck in a crack where two pieces of wood abutted or were joined together.

The photo might be of Xangyan Xu who seemed to be a resident in the house according to a found hand-written note of Nov 4/03 from Gordon Turney stating that he "borrowed $40 from Xangyan Xu / will pay back on Thursday Nov 6." Or Xu Angyang . . . according to the label inside a Mario Alarie Pharmacien prescription bottle dated 01/06/13 from Verdun, QC that I found partially filled with small nails, screws, nuts and bolts after it had been moved from room "B" dressed to be the kid's bedroom for the film set.

shirt: CCM, long-sleeved
loc: setdectohomerestoration
temp: -11
sound: The Cure Wild Mood Swings

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