12 October 2007

Workshop Triartathon

After last week's double festival, two days of work, and a two-day workshop I was exhausted to the point of being sick through Thanksgiving. Thankfully, Tuesday was a short workweek and I started eating again that afternoon in prep for this week's workshop triartathon.

Started last night in the basement of the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Cooperative, Fredericton with the art-side of Paul Angers--former long-time St John Ambulance member. I was the first one hit and I looked in bad shape:

Bruises, burns--first and second degree, scrapes, cuts, shock and peeling-skin zombies . . . all appeared before our learning hands. Suitable for stage, Halloween or low-budgie movies, and well on the way toward more advanced techniqies.

Thanks, Paul! [Look for an article by Doug in next week's Brunswickan.]

Today, I'll be a textiles artist (again :-) in taking an all-day Random-Weave Basket workshop with Japanese Master Bamboo Basketry Artist--Jiro Jiro Yonezawa on the last day of his artist residency at Gallery Connexion. Closing reception afterward in the NBCCD Gallery [meaning there will be at least two or three BlackToppers in the room . . .]

Tomorrow and Sunday, 13-14 Oct, I'll be in the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Cooperative Certificate in Film and Television workshop: HD CAMERA @ the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook hotel with instructors George Hosek and Jeff Wheaton.

Throw in being on-call for art bank emergencies today, a two-author reading @ UNB, the weekend's Art Trek 2007 & its opening Frinight . . . and that's my artathon this week.

t: reebarofemit
loc: predawnshop
temp: 11
sound: crows and sirens out there

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