15 October 2007

T'other two wrkshps

All day Friday I was one of a dozen peeps in Gallery Connexion learning something from Jiro Yonezawa about weaving with bamboo (aye, fellow SCAdians, bamboo does have uses other than for thumping people as swords and pole arms). Jiro in action, tightening in "weaver" strips and making sure all the right-angled weft strips were on the outside.

Specifically, we made hexagon-random weave baskets. This is the base of my basket with three interlocking hexagons underneath the flat bamboo plate.

a view across Connexion with my finished basket in the foreground.

Jiro with students and NBCCD peeps at the closing reception.

Saturday and Sunday I was an workshop that picked up from the Sony Betacam stuff of a score of years back @ NSCAD and the Centre for Art Tapes with the newer 900 series of Sony HD cameras. First day was history and technical including more lighting and an ever-increasing understanding of just how much control the DOP and camera crew have over set lighting and the look of the final film-movie production.

Jeff talking as he demos the camera's features.

Extras needed: Džo, cast as tarbender, w/ a barfly John.
Another barfly Jon . . . showing his claws.

Instructor and cameraman/DOP, George Hosek, instructing the actors and crew on set of the workshop version of Diplomatic Relations, episode #4, "Back in Your Arms".

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