23 October 2007

APB, 23 Oct 2007

Last night, they gave a poetry reading in the Alumni Lounge of UNB Fredericton. Tonight, Alex Boyd and Dani Couture, both living in Toronto, were live from the CHSR 97.9 FM "fishbowl" on Ashes, Paper & Beans. First half of the show was an interview with them including discussion of their Northern Poetry Review and the reading of poems, both new and from their books:
Alex Boyd's Making Bones Walk (Luna Publications)
Dani Couture's good meat (Pedlar Press)
The 2nd half of the show started with my afternoon recording of the launch of the Nov 2007 Silver Wave Film Festival. It was followed by Fredericton readings news; Drek Daa's "Pod of Granite Whales"; and bill bissett's "wuns I saw it raining frogs".

shirt: Marc Edwards black linen+rayon short sleeve
loc: post show, post reading
temp: 17 C
sound: House

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- loved the Harvest/Blues Festival coverage..