19 December 2010

@ the UGSW Collective Agreement signing

Tuesday, 7 Dec 2010 in the Wu Centre, UNB Fredericton. Photo take, with my camera, by PSAC/AFPC Regional VP Jeannie Baldwin.

Seated (L–R): Peter McDougall (Associate Vice-President (Human
Resources),UNB), Tiffany Thornhill (Bargaining Team, UGSW President).
Standing (L–R): Donald Desserud (Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, UNB–SJ), Heather Sears (Human Resources, UNB), Pride Abownga (Bargaining Team, UGSW), Gail Lem (Chief Negotiator, PSAC), Greg Ericson (Bargaining Team, UGSW Treasurer), and Joe Blades (UGSW member).

I was there to photograph the signing for the union, the UGSW, because I figured (rightly so, it turned out) UNB would not have a photographer there to document the historic occasion: the signing of the first Collective Agreement between the Union of Graduate Student Workers at the University of New Brunswick (UGSW)–Public Service Alliance of Canada/Alliance de la Fonction publique du Canada Local 60550 and the employer.

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