25 June 2010

Dusie 10: the Canadian issue

Dusie 10: the Canadian issue
June 20 (solstice), 2010

Guest-edited by rob mclennan

The Swiss online pdf journal Dusie has produced an issue of Canadian poetry; an introduction for some, and a further conversation for others. With new writing by: derek beaulieu, Joe Blades, George Bowering, Rob Budde, Emily Carr, Jen Currin, Amanda Earl, Lainna Lane El Jabi, Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Judith Fitzgerald, Asher Ghaffar, Phil Hall, Sharon Harris, Peter Jaeger, Monica Kidd, Anne Le Dressay, Gil McElroy, Barry McKinnon, rob mclennan, Kim Minkus, Pearl Pirie, Monty Reid, Shane Rhodes, Sandra Ridley, Stan Rogal, Natalie Simpson, Christine Stewart, Aaron Tucker and Chris Turnbull. Thanks to Monique Desnoyers for fabulous

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