06 June 2010

ce 22: Acknowledgement of Support

In the six-weeks of accumulated mail awaiting my return to Fredericton was an envelope from artsnb that I had missed on my first sorting. Inside was a letter awarding me a grant, a first installment cheque, and blank Final Report form that "must be completed within 30 days of completion of the event."

The grant was from the Career Development Program "designed to recognize and encourage arts professionals who have demonstrated exceptional artistic talent and potential, and who are pursuing a career in the arts. The program is divided in three components ... [from which I received] assistance to present work by invitation in established arts events" ... namely, the 4th Unconventional Conference of Young Canadianists and other April–May 2010 poetry readings & presentations in Central Europe.
Use of Logo and Acknowledgement of Support

Guidelines For NBAB Logo Usage

The New Brunswick Arts Board requests that grant recipients prominently feature visible recognition of the Board's support in all materials, publications and programs of works or performances related to the grant. Such recognition should be commensurate with that given to corporate, or other sponsors or donors, for similar support. These logomarks are for use by grant recipients only.

Acknowledgement of Support

Acknowledgement Messages
◦This activity / tour / event is supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board

◦Cette activité / tournée / performance est soutenue par le Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick
Where space permits, grant recipients should incorporate the Board logomark along with the appropriate acknowledgment message into their print and promotional materials. Acknowledgement messages should be bilingual, with English first for predominantly English-speaking audiences and French first for predominantly French-speaking audiences.

I also acknowledge some support received or forthcoming from the UNB Faculty of Education and the School of Graduate Studies.

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