04 May 2010

ce 13: on the road to Banja Luka

The reka Dunav / Danube river at Novi Sad, Srbjia, from the bus crossing one of the bridges.

Local wicker goods in a roadside market.

Barbies and toy guns in the same roadside market.

View of Banja Luka, Republik Srpska (BiH), from my 4th floor room balcony (on the hotel's 6th floor).

Blurred quick snap of the photographer and interviewer/journalist Tanja Stupar last evening in Mr Black cafe. Tanja is also a poet performing in the Sarajevo Poetry Days festival next week---though not in the same reading(s) as me. When the interview gets printed and posted online I hope to be able to link it to the blog or somewhere ... even though it will all be in Serbian (poet Tatjana Bijelic was translating Tanya's questions and my replies).

Night view of the church located between City Hall and the Casa de Cultura just across the street from Hotel Bosna.

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Stefan said...

Great reading/Q&A you did at our college Joe. Thanks for the autograph. Have fun on your ongoing travels.