09 May 2010

ce 16: Victory Day

Mr Black cafe quiet, mid morning I heard noises and looked out to discover prep for something in the square beside Hotel Bosna.

Sign on the podium. I'm guessing it might have something in common with the 65th anniversary of the Soviet Russian defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII on 9 May 1945 ... the one big speech I heard repeatedly named Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and other countries ...

and, yes, Republika Srpska celebrates Victory Day or Victory over Fascism Day on 9 Maja. In other parts of Europe, 8 May is the VE-Day celebration.

Old flag and soldiers.

Monument with the hammer and sickle carved into the star.

Choir singing songs including what's likely Republika Srpska's national anthem.

The ceremoney ended with trad musicians and dancers in the square.

One last view, from my balcony, of the dancers in the square forming a V for victory.

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