13 January 2010

two sights/sites

wee birdies in the frozen
ice- and snow-covered bush . . .
that’s survival for atvud
in the subzero zone

saw woodpeckers on the apple
tree outside my parent’s place
in west chezzetcook
and outside my sister’s house
in upper tantallon
but don’t see them in f’ton
don’t have an immediacy of trees
around this compartment built
wherein i red and writhe

but chuckles [had a lovely ski
along the rideau riverside and
saw a pilieated and a downey
and a red-headed peckerhead
breaking winter freeze with a pecking
any pecker would be proud of—
not a squirrel     not a chick
or a chick-a-dee seen or heard . . .
fresh air aplenty . . .
along the frozen rideau . . .


adios . . .

see ya’ll sooner than later—
the croatian spirits on the move, again . . .

wll travel ur way soon on it’s
endless tours of upper & lower kanada
to help the writhe in ya]

—Džo Blejdz i Peter Chuckles

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