18 January 2010

Travesty Café: Fredericton’s new reading series

New this month . . .

“Travesty Café is a queer literary coffeehouse held on the First Thursday of every month at the UNB Grad House/Alden Nowlan House/Windsor Castle Bar, 676 Windsor Street, Fredericton at 7 PM. The next café is 4 Feb 2010. It’s open to everyone. We encourage people to bring something to share, your own work or someone else’s: journal entries, poetry, short stories, rants, erotica, academia, performance, music, film, visual arts. Coffee and tea are provided; the bar is available. For more information, write to: travestycafe@gmail.com, or join our Facebook group, Travesty Café.”

With a little luck and the cooperation of technology, Travesty Café readings may also appear on Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show on CHSR 97.9 FM, www.chsrfm.ca, in Fredericton and the station’s listening area: Tuesdays, 7–8 pm with rebroadcasts Sunday 1–2 pm.

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