07 April 2009

FIRE! 200 York Street

2:30 this morning i bolted awake to the fire alarm. smoke falling down past the windows. i phoned 911. said there was afire. gave my address and following instructions, left the building after getting pants, sneakers, sweater and coat on. grabbed my camera and a journal from beside my bed and left. flames were pouring out the window of a bedroom in apartment 10 on the top floor. i know everyone in that apartment but didn't see any of them in the huddled cold, wet people on george street. heard that someone else saw k- leave but . . . ? during the next hour and a half we watched many firefighters with two ladder trucks and hoses, chainsaw, axes and breathing apparatus fight the flames the climbed up into the wide open space of the attic. flames were shooting across george street almost touching the stone of st paul's united. the apartment building will be abandoned. i hope that everyone got out alive. we're all in need of new homes, clothing and so much more. red cross gave room vouchers and a bag of personal hygiene stuff. hope to learn later about how much damage throughout the building. of course, water and smoke damage is disastrous for my writing, publishing and artmaking. i've no idea what, if anything, will be recoverable from my apartment and the computers and files, documents of broken jaw press inc. or my life. have to wait and see. have to phone the insurance company in about two and a half hours. will need to find a room and/or new apartment a.s.a.p. hopefully will have to rent a truck and storage space for stuff. probably should get a cell phone and voicemail for the business line. hope my laptop is recoverable and usable. don't know what i should do about the readings and freelance work lined up for tuesday-wednesday-thursday this week or the letters of recommendation and grant applications due or anything like that . . .

t: orange
loc: fredericton inn front desk
temp ?
sound: lobby's trickling fountain & ventilation system


Simply Kel said...

OMG! I'm glad you're safe, please let me know if there's anything I can do.

sherry said...

Wow...I can not imagine what you are going through. It must have been beyond surreal. I am so glad you got out safe.

Jackie said...

I heard about the fire this morning
just found out it was your home
let me know if you need ANYTHING that I can provide

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the fire! Just 8 months ago, I lived in apt 4 in the basement of that building! My prayers are with you!