08 April 2009

burnt out

Photo by Joe Blades (2009) © CARCC.Just out of the building at 2:38 AM, these were the flames and smoke pouring out windows in apartment 10 on the top floor.

Photo by Joe Blades (2009) © CARCC.The fire quickly got into the roof and attic.

Photo by Joe Blades (2009) © CARCC.Tuesday afternoon crew were assessing and then removing some of the very unstable front wall and stairwell (the former steeple).

Photo by Joe Blades (2009) © CARCC.My apartment was the one on the corner of the second floor. It appears immediately above the roof of the backhoe.

In my writing office, soaked boxes of books, the latest NB Ink newsletter and my LCP Council member binder in water.

T: cobra & rose
loc: fred inn
temp: 3 C
sound: Star Trek: The Next Generation on SPACE


Jackie said...


Unknown said...

Man, that is bananas. I hope you are okay, keeping on an even keel. Remember, it's just stuff, there's always more stuff. The mind that creates the words is what counts.

- Vince

Unknown said...

Oh dear! Have you been able to salvage anything?