09 December 2008

APB, 9 Dec 2008

The radio show tonight (2nd last live show of the year):

Vince Tinguely feature from the soon-to-be-released CD: I Am Burdened With A Past: Poetry Recordings 1986-2006.

From Silver Wave Film Festival 2008 Industry Series: Canada Feature Film Panel-Case Study-Nonsense Revolution(L-R: still from Nonesense Revolution, Ann Verrall (Writer-Director), Thom Fitzgerald (Producer), Doug Pettigrew (Producer).

"Sweeper Don't Clean My Street" by Reg E. Gaines.


Andréia Pires said...

Joe, estou incluindo o link do teu blog lá no Quando Nela Rio, ok? abraços.

Joe Blades said...

Mais oui. ¡Mucho gracias!