23 May 2008

So Many Film Projects . . .

so much art department work
so little time . . .

hindu gods and goddesses
sandbag walls and guard towers
beer can and rye bottle labels
cigarette packs and cabbie licence
school student photo IDs
uniforms as real as used today
japa beads and things pink
mouth blood and army crates
cots sleeping bags knapsacks
rations glass bottles and canteens
doctor's certificates and degrees
diplomas photo with wife
colourful liquor bottles
headsets and command post radios
tripwires fake money and coke
purses wallets and a blotter
nameplates and licence plates
resume and numbered key fob
bank signage and an ultrasound
fishbowl and six goldfish
couch coffee table bed television
radio handwritten letter . . .

T: Tidal Wave Film Festival 2002
loc: friafternoon
temp: 14 C
sound: The the Soul Mining

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