12 November 2007

Found Photo du Jour: 11 Nov 2007

More than just a found photo this time, I found a wallet with driver's licence, business cards, receipts, Blockbuster card and more . . . but no money.

Found on Rememberance Day, Sunday, 11 November 2007 at 11:50 AM under a bush, a shrubbery, outside the home of Ross Leckie at the intersection of St John Street with Churchill Row, Fredericton, NB while I on on my venue-confused walkabout route to the noon screening at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre of documentary films in the Silver Wave Film Festival.

En route to Silver Wave's 7 pm Gala Closing screening @ the Tilley Hall Auditorium, I went by the nearby Church Street address on the driver's licence and George was still living there (with his wife and children). He was very grateful. Had had the wallet stolen from his truck on Thursday night and, long weekend and all, hadn't yet started replacing his ID. Good timing on my part.

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