24 November 2007

Buy Nothing Day report

I failed, not miserably at all, but I did buy something on 23 Nov 2007. Buy Nothing Day is yet another USA tradition protest or consciousness-raising imported to places were it really means less. First Friday after their Thanksgiving Day. The big day for Macy's and now USA-wide Christmas excess shopping.

My only purchases were (1) three happy hour Timberhog Stout (Picaroon's) @ Wilsers while socializing with Beth and Phil and a few peeps they knew, (2) a slice of "works" pizza @ Luna, (3) a bottle of cheap red @ anbl.

No gift purchases.
No major electronics or entertainment systems.
No shop till I drop.
No thanks!

shirt: Harvest Jazz & Blues Fest 2007 volunteer
loc: Brokennumbersdesk
temp: -8 C (windchill: -14 C)
sound: Tatjana Simonović piano

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