13 August 2006

Don't Worry

I've been wanting to post pictures into some of my recent text posts to make new posts. This ol' blogspot has not been taking them. The photos and graphics are of an acceptable size and format. The links whether to upload or to connect with a graphic already on the web are good. The upload seems to work. The DONE message appears. But no html coding for the picture appears in the blog. Feels like a square peg and round hole situation.

I've gone off and done other stuff. packed boxes of books for shipping away. Painted a silk gonfalon. Bought a new camera, passport, travel insurance, rechargable batteries. Had an eye examination this week resulting in a recommendation that I get bifocals to better see the fine print. Trying to figure out what I pack and how, in what . . . as air travel devolves towards . . .

Tired of worrying about what to pack for you vacation or trip? Tired of dragging heavy, awkward suitcases with broken wheels through airport terminals? Exhausted by the list of souvenirs you have to get for everyone before you even start? Shoulders aching from lugging too heavy purses, handbags and carry-on luggage containing everything that you might need from home except the kitchen sink?


One of our favourite songs says, "Leave your worries on the doorstep." We've taken it to the next level. We've made it possible for you to leave everything behind. No, we insist that you leave everything behind. Honestly, you don't need anything. We insist. The pleasure is ours!

Just imagine . . .

We have it all planned for you. Your vacation or business trip starts with a day at the spa. Soothing you. Relaxing you. Cleansing you. First, we'll get rid of all that unsightly hair. Then our highly-trained staff will clean out your insides top to bottom. You'll weigh less and feel great!

We'll dress you in our specially-designed fashionable travel apparel custom-fitted to suit your body. Transparent travel clothes are in! They're all they rage! Everyone's wearing them! So will you, if you don't want to be left behind. If you want to get where your going.

We'll feed you a specially prepared meal. Now sit back and relax. We'll wake when we arrive . . .
shirt: Little Feat, "Smooth Sailin' tour"
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temp: 14 C
Sound: Whiskeytown Faithless Street


Anonymous said...

travelin' abroad, security and freedom are no longer perogatives, excuse my spell...

Anonymous said...

tu es gonfalonier du drapeau