09 April 2014

Ashes, Paper, & Beans: 9 April 2014

Ashes, Paper, & Beans: Fredericton's Writing & Arts Show, Wednesday, 5–6 pm.
Host: Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM Fredericton, NB.

Michael Lally: "Going Home Again"

Ted Russell: "Geese"

Kelly Russell: "The Smokehouse on the Kyle"

Patricia Smith: "Spinning Till You Get Dizzy"

Michael Warr: "Manchild"

Cin Salach & Sheila Donahue: "I'm a Stranger Here Myself"

Ian Ferrier & Brio Trio: "Exploding Head man"

Catherine Kidd: "Scales of a Orange"

Fluffy Pagan Echoes: "Sound Poems"

Tanya Evanson: "Kan ve bal", "Notes Upon Leaving the Country"

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