05 March 2014

Ashes, Paper, & Beans: 5 mars 2014

Ashes, Paper, & Beans: Fredericton's Writing & Arts Show, 5–6 pm. Host: Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM Fredericton, NB.

Ted Russell (Newfoundland): "Stealin' the Holes"

Maggie Estep (NYC): "I'm an Emotional Idiot"

Maggie Estep & The Splitters: "Skid Row Wine" (written by Jack Kerouac)

Leonard Cohen (LA): "Democracy" (spoken)

bill bissett (Toronto): "dayze n nites by the glak river"

Katerina Fretwell: poems from Shaking Hands with the Night

utah phillips and ani difranco: "holding on"

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