19 June 2013

Ashes, Paper, & Beans: 19 June 2013

Ashes, Paper, & Beans: Fredericton's Writing & Arts Show, 5–6 pm. Host: Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM Fredericton, NB.

From Storming the Stage (Literary Press Group of Canada, 2004). Interviews with poets Marian Francis Whyte, Tim Bowling, Joanne Arnott, David W. McFadden, Steve McOrmond, and Di Brandt.

Nat Hall: "Atlantik Hame", "La maison Atlantique", and "NIL Desperandum LK235 (Fr) [fS2S]".

Michael Lally: "Going Home Again"

paulo da costa: "The Fool"

reg e. gaines: "sweeper don't clean my street"

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