21 November 2012

writer’s guild agm

a writing writer
not a wrote ... i
bused banff to calgary
for writers’ guild of alberta
annual general meeting
with war correspondent
compact typewriter
in my daypack
and sat on the floor
before floor to ceiling
windows overlooking
grassland hills to write
to typewrite when not
in meetings of the
so new organisation
with its book lovers
never go to bed alone

buttons coined by
a woman who said
"my husband is
an accountant"
while i meet writers
from all over alberta

decades later
in dimitri’s restaurant
downtown fredericton
new brunswick bob
(robert on his many
books) kroetsch tells me
at a table of unb english
grad students and profs
that i’m so not one of
he remembered and
never forgot the sight
of me and my typewriter
writing in front of
that wall of windows—
my back to other writers
too busy meeting

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